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Curious about what it feels like to fly a plane?

Have you always wanted to become a pilot, but you’re not sure if flying lessons are for you?

Looking for an entry-level, no-commitment option for a basic flight lesson?

A Discovery Flight is your no-risk, high-reward entry point into the world of private piloting. There’s no better way to decide if flying is for you than to actually get into the cockpit and experience the adrenaline rush, which is why we recommend a Discovery Flight as a first step for anyone considering flying lessons.

What is a Discovery Flight? A Discovery Flight with JV Aviation Services is a 1-hour introductory lesson with a FAA Certified Instructor who will teach you the basics of flying and take you up in the air. At the instructor’s discretion, you may be able to enjoy up to 30 minutes of hands-on flying! You’ll get a brief glimpse at flight training with the Discovery Flight package:

  • 1 Hour of Flying Time

  • Pre and Post Flight Briefing

  • Certificate of Flight

  • Student Pilot Logbook signed by FAA Certified Instructor (available at extra cost)

A Discovery Flight also makes a unique, once-in-a-lifetime gift for friends and family. This experience creates a lasting memory and a thrill like none other.

Your Discovery Flight experience will help you decide if you want to continue flying lessons. If a Pilot License certification is your goal, your Discovery Flight will count towards your requirements.

With our Discovery Flight offer, you’ll receive an introduction to your FAA certified instructor and plane, plus a safety briefing to ensure you are equipped with everything you need to safely and confidently enjoy your flight. There’s no pressure to join JV Aviation Services. Our instructors are eager to share their passion and answer your questions.

You will never forget your first Discovery Flight. JV Aviation Services is here to guide you on this exciting journey and we look forward to hearing what you discover about aviation and yourself on your Discovery Flight.

Interested in flight training, but don’t know where to begin? Always wanted to fly a plane? We can help with that. Schedule your Discovery Flight today!


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