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Piper Cherokee Warrior PA28-151

Wet Hourly Rate $179
Block Hourly Rate $169

1976 IFR Piper Warrior in Great conditions and state of the art flight deck.

Power Plant

Lycoming Engine O-320-E3D - 150HP 


KSN 770

  • High-res VGA display

  • Hybrid user interface.

  • Touch screen, hard keys and cursor control device (CCD)

  • Electronic charts and maps.

  • WAAS GPS en route and approach navigation system

  • XM WX interface.​

  • Analog and digital inputs/outputs


  • Open architecture integrates with a variety of sensors.

  • Simple to use.

  • No “Home” key required

  • Direct access keys

  • Nav/Com (10W Com with 16W option)

KT 74 

  • ADS-B OUT Enabled Mode S Transponder



ALL Exterior Lights are LED

  • Navigation

  • Landing

  • Beacon

All seat are leather interior

KSN 770 GPS/COM/NAV Touch Screen
ADS-B Transponder
State of the art flight deck
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